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Impact of DC electric fields on interlaminar and intercolumnar cortical network dynamics 

Maria V Sanchez-Vives (PI), Joana Covelo

Electrical (e.g. tDCS) and magnetic stimulation (TMS) are used extensively to modulate cortical and subcortical activity in the clinical realm. However, the understanding of the mechanisms of action of such interventions on cortical dynamics is still limited. We will explore how DC electric fields modulate interlaminar and intercolumnar synchronization and functional connectivity at the mesoscopic level. To this end, prefrontal, somatosensory, motor and visual cortex cortical activity will be modulated by electric fields, pharmacology and optopharmacology. The objectives include (i) to define a collection of measures (synchronization in different frequency bands across near and distant locations, functional connectivity and others) in basal conditions, (ii) to explore modulation by DC fields, (iii) to bridge with the use of brain electrical stimulation in medical applications.