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Large-scale interactive analysis of networks in the human brain

Santiago Brandi (PI), Paul Verschure, Francisco Santos

Using the integrated brain data modelling and visualization technologies of EOD in the virtual reality environment XIM/, we propose to build a unified simulation platform for reconstruction and analysis of brain dynamics and connectivity at multiple scales for the human brain in health and disease (BrainX3). We will provide a unified analysis-synthesis framework for multi-scale and brain data by integrating different datasets and platforms available within the network. Furthermore, we will advance a novel immersive brain data exploration environment for education and research. Moreover, we will advance the alignment of structural and functional brain datasets. We plan to increase the capability to infer causal structure in brain connectome data sets through the augmentation of empirical data with simulated neuronal structures with emphasis on the thalamus, basal ganglia and cerebellum. Simulations will be based on dynamic mean field methods in close collaboration with UPF-Deco as well as graph and information theoretic tools. We will in particular address the question of how discrete lesions due to stroke affect the global (re)organization of the neocortex and the thalamo-cortical system.