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  • Sadeghi, F., Pötter-Nerger, M., Grimm, K., Gerloff, C., Schulz, R., Zittel, S. (2023) Smaller Cerebellar Lobule VIIb is Associated with Tremor Severity in Parkinson’s Disease. The Cerebellum 2023 1–8. doi:10.1007/S12311-023-01532-6
  • Kaduk, T., Goeke, C., Finger, H., König, P. (2023) Webcam eye tracking close to laboratory standards: Comparing a new webcam-based system and the EyeLink 1000. Behavior Research Methods. doi:10.3758/s13428-023-02237-8


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  • Quinn AJ, Lopes-dos-Santos V, Dupret D, Nobre AC, Woolrich MW (2021) EMD: Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert-Huang Spectral Analyses in Python. Journal of Open Source Software. 6(59):2977. doi:10.21105/joss.02977

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